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Store Policy

Customer Care

Thanks so much for selecting your very own hand drawn T-shirt. We hope it sends a bold or sublime message to whoever sees you wearing it. The shirts are hand drawn with Sharpie permanent markers. Some fading will occur after washing but eventually the ink stabilizes for that slightly faded, lived in look. Both stages of the shirt are equally cool looking. At times the color ink may fade a bit more than the black ink but such is the mysterious world of inks! Those damn octopusses!! Ha!

Whether you hang your harbling shirt for display, or proudly wear it around to stand out unique in the crowd, we hope it brings you years and years of enjoyment. Both for you, and the people you expose to original art!

Privacy & Safety

We use the safest and secure online banking and payment system that the host server offers. Wix hosts millions of websites and we have trust in their system and security. Should there be any issues we defer to for answers and resolution.

Shirt and art Inquiries

In the event that  any of the harbling shirts or art inspire you, please feel free to reach out with any creative inquires. If a drawing spurs an idea for a kids book, an animation idea, a PDF, or anything your mind can imagine, please reach out. Who knows, it could turn into something.

For this PLEASE serious inquiries only from people with the expertise, experience, and  a platform or means to pursue said ideas or concepts. Do not pitch a full idea but rather give a brief description of how you might like to collaborate. Fleshed out ideas will require signing a non disclosure agreement before any true artistic discussions or exchange of ideas can take place. Thanks!

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards


  • Offline Payments

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