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People often ask me to draw tattoo designs for them. Normally I don't do requests, BUT, if I have time and it's a design I feel I can create successfully then I'm open to discuss.

The fee for this kind of black and white drawing is $500.00 through PayPal.

Your tattoo artist can add whatever colors you decide on. If interested drop me an email with details of what you're looking for


Thanks for being here. Hope you found some cool art for yourself. We're adding NEW BLING all the time. If you have any suggestions or images you'd like to see, let us know. Who knows? I might even come up with something in the genre you were hoping for. Doesn't hurt to throw it out there. I always like a fun challenge.

Also, if you see a drawing you'd like on something other than a shirt i.e. a hat, mug,pants, phone case, etc. Let me know and I'll make it available for you if I can.


Be sure and pick something up for the kids, or even have them come and pick something out themselves. Want to make sure the young ones are expressing art at an early age! Teaching them to be original is very important if you ask me. So, check out the awesome kids designs today,

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